Hey Everyone, welcome to another blog post! Today’s post is going to show you 5 chest exercises without a bench.

Chest Exercises Without A Bench #1: Zevaend Press

The what?! The Ze-va-end press, weird word, right? Well, this exercise is phenomenal for helping you to isolate the pecs. What you have to do for this exercise is: grab two plates and put them together, press away from your body, then bring the plates back in towards your torso and ensure that you’re keeping your arms parallel to the ground at the horizontal. While doing this exercise make sure you are squeezing the plates. See photos below for an example of what this exercise looks like.

Exercise #2: Standing Chest Flys

Moving onto exercise number 2, standing chest flys. This exercise is absolutely terrific if you’re trying to target the upper pec area. Because of the range of motion that your arm is following here, you’re going to be able to target the upper pec area, coming from low, then coming wide, bringing those dumbbells together at the top and squeezing them there. What I do to level up this exercise, is do a half a second isometric hold at the peak of the contraction, squeezing my pectoral muscles as hard as I possibly can. Make sure when you are doing this exercise that you’re not doing too much swinging when you’re trying to get the weight up and focus on strictly using the pecs to lift the dumbbells.

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Exercise #3: Resistance Band Flys

The third exercise is an item of my own creation, resistance band flys. This is a substitute of what you might be able to do with the cables. The reason that you may want to try this, as opposed to just doing the cable flys, is because as you bring the hands closer towards the peak of the contraction, when they’re close to each other, that’s actually the most difficult portion of this exercise. When you’re pulling the arms in closer, this exercise gets much more difficult and requires a whole new level of pectoral muscle fiber recruitment that you now get to experience. Make sure when you’re doing this exercise that you have a nice, slow tempo to ensure you’re doing the best you can to stabilize yourself.

Exercise #4: Dumbbell Floor Flys

Adding to the chest exercises without a bench, is the dumbbell floor flys. What you want to be doing with this exercise is really milking the eccentrics, don’t just drop the dumbbells. This is going to be the point of motion where you’re going to tear open and break down the most amount of muscle fiber as you possibly can. Lightly touch your elbows on the floor and when you’re bringing those dumbbells up, focus on squeezing. The key is to actually focus on moving the dumbbell with your pecs and squeeze them at the top, making sure that you are not just slamming them at the top and bringing them right back down.

Exercise #5: Resistance Band Push-Ups

The fifth and final exercise is a variation of the classic, resistance band push-ups. Normally when you do a push-up, the easiest portion is when you’re about to lock out. But by adding in the resistance band, it’s actually going to be the most difficult portion of the exercise. This is going to get increasingly difficult as you begin to push yourself up from the floor. This is a great variation of a push-up and a great method to add some intensity which will have your chest, or pectoral muscles, screaming.

This wraps up today’s blog post about 5 chest exercises without a bench. I hope you guys enjoyed this one and add some of these variations to your exercises. Don’t forget to check out my programs if you are interested in these type of workouts, I have so many different programs that are GUARANTEED to get you in the shape you want. You can check those out here.

As always, thank you for tuning in.

Tanner Wideman




Creator and owner of BarbarianBody. BarbarianBody specializes in home workouts, gym workouts, building muscle, losing fat, and diet. We’re a growing online fitness community that has surpassed 800,000 subscribers!
Tanner Wideman

Tanner Wideman

Creator and owner of Barbarianbody.

BarbarianBody specializes in home workouts, gym workouts, building muscle, losing fat, and diet. We’re a growing online fitness community that has surpassed 800,000 subscribers!

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