Do THIS Every Morning to Lose Belly Fat | Proven Method

Do you want to lose that stubborn belly fat? Today I’ll be sharing a simple morning routine that you can do everyday that will help to reduce that belly fat, and get your abs to show. 

It’s important this routine is combined with a calorie deficit, and your regular weekly workouts. Also please remember, there is no way to target belly fat.

However, with a proper fat burning routine, and abdominal exercises to build the muscle in your midsection, you can help to get a defined midsection much quicker. Enjoy the workout!

**This workout routine will consist of 2 “focusing” sections. Phase 1 will focus on fat burning, Phase 2 will focus on Abdominal Training.

Phase 1

Focus: Fat Burning
Length: 5-10mins.
Equipment: Bodyweight


Repeat the above routine for 3-4 rounds. Rest 60 seconds between each full round of the circuit.

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Phase 2

Focus: Abs Training
Length: 5-10mins
Equipment: Bodyweight

**Pick 4 exercises and combine for the following circuit:

45 Seconds- Ab Exercise #1
5 Seconds- Rest
45 Seconds- Ab Exercise #2
5 Seconds- Rest
45 Seconds- Ab Exercise #3
5 Seconds- Rest
45 Seconds- Ab Exercise #4

Full Core

Full Core
For Lower Abs
Full Core
For Upper Abs
Full Core
For Obliques

Just like in the Phase 1, we would be doing each exercise with a transition time of 5 to 10 seconds. After each circuit give  45 to 60 seconds rest. 

Then you’re going to repeat this abdominal portion of the routine a total of 3 times and if you really want to push it further you could do 4 times. 

The whole morning routine should take you somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes. I typically like to perform at about 45 minutes in the morning after getting some OxyShred. This definitely kickstarts the body for the workout. If you want to try it as well, use the code ‘BARBARIAN’ to save on your purchase. 

Mandatory Part 1: 

Generally I would recommend walking outside 2 times for 15 minutes each. But many of us are on strict lockdown. Don’t worry guys, I’ve got you covered. I have gathered some of the most practical exercises you could start doing today totally at your home.

Starting off with the most basic physical activities around the house like cleaning the house or doing the yard work. Although it seems insignificant, it actually helps us burn a lot of calories. 

Next we have the stairs. There are tons of different ranges of motion or different types of movement patterns that you can apply and utilize with just your stairs at your home. You can do laps on your stairs, going up and down. You can also try quick feet on your stairs.

Mandatory Part 2: 

This is the final and the most vital part.  You need to be doing the routine in addition to your traditional workouts. I usually do 3 or 4 workouts per week. Each one of these workouts takes me 45 minutes. So keep that in mind, consistency is King.

On a final note, if you don’t have a home gym and still need to get shredding or building muscles, check out my YouTube channel. We’ve got home workout routines, if you got only dumbbells, we have workouts for that. If you are only looking to cut that mass, we have workouts for that as well.

Now make sure you’re getting those workouts three to four times a week totaling about 45 minutes each in addition to the morning routine and also in addition to all the other medial physical activities.

This is the most genuine way that will help you actually burn a tremendous amount of calories. I know that I didn’t touch about diets but I have covered them a lot in my videos, so be sure to check it out. 

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How to Lose Belly Fat and Get Your Abs to Show [THE TRUTH!!]

Some people train frequently. Hit the gym about three to five times per week and have a pretty good diet. But man, they just can’t lose that last amount of belly fat. Seems familiar?

Alright, I’m going to show you guys how to  reduce all that belly fat and get your six pack abs to finally show.

Even if you are not necessarily the type of person that we described above, being discouraged is the last thing you can be. Though I can’t guarantee you the perfect packs in four weeks of time, I can definitely help you to eradicate a ton of fat. This will get you on the path as fast as possible.

Let’s Do Some Mythbusting

People do ‘All Ab’ exercises thinking it will reduce belly fat. We’re talking sit-ups, crunches and planks because they feel like they are targeting the muscles in this area. They think It will help them to burn the fat.

Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. What you’re doing here is you’re just training your abdominal muscles underneath the belly. There’s no exercise or diet that will help you target just the belly. You can only lose fat on the entire body.

So don’t waste time trying that because that’s what they call ‘Busted’ !

So everything I’m giving you here is highly effective fat burning tactics that will help you to burn belly fat by not targeting the belly but the entire body.

The Right Exercises

So, how can you lose that belly fat when it comes to your workouts? What should you be doing? Most guys post on forums and in my YouTube comment section and I get messages saying

‘I’m working out for hours. I’m in the gym working hard, but I’m not getting the belly fat to go’.

The thing is they’re doing a lot of isolation exercises. Infact, their exercise routine is entirely built of isolation exercises. We’re talking about an exercise like a dumbbell front raise which is a great deltoid targeting exercise. But is it going to burn you the most amount of fat? Definitely not.

So you need to switch your 80% isolation exercises into 80 percent compound movement exercise. They’re going to hit multiple muscle groups that are going to get you more bang for your buck. The more muscle groups that you use for each and every single exercise, the more energy your body is going to be required to use in order to perform them.

There’s a big difference when you do a front lateral raise of 10 repetitions and you’re doing 10 repetitions of a dumbbell clean and press with a decent amount of weight. After the set you will definitely be gasping for some air.

4 sets of those combined with only a 45-second rest, you’re really pushing yourself. I hope you are getting what I’m trying to convey.

This is also the case for leg exercises. If executed properly, they are phenomenal in building bigger legs and more importantly for helping you to really burn a ton of calories. But definitely not the case for the leg extension machine.

Newbie guys spend a lot of time on the machine and that’s exactly the reason they are having a tough time losing that belly fat. So when said, they haven’t skipped the leg routine. But they aren’t having an effective session comparing it to other exercises like dumbbell lunges.

Dumbbell lunges are great in a stationary position but adding more movement like walking takes it to a whole new level. It will require a lot of energy meaning burning a lot of calories.

Not a fan of dumbbell lunges? Do goblet squats or kettlebell swings. The point being make your 80% isolation exercises into 80 percent compound exercises which will have a tremendous tremendous effect on your workout.

Intensity Matters

The next most important thing is the intensity of your workout. People throw in numbers saying ‘I’m in the gym for an hour and a half’ but in between each exercise, you maybe checking your phone for three to five minutes in between each set. This makes 40% of the workout just wasting around. Put down the damn phone please.

I always advise for a 45 second rest in between each exercise. This allows you to get more volume done in a shorter period. When you have these shorter 45-second rest periods, it gets you into Flow. I like to call it the ‘Lifter’s High’.

It will start bettering your workouts and help you break a sweat. You would probably gasp for air and let in the good ol’ oxygen. This is when you really get locked into your workout and smash it. So make a session to do a high intensity interval training at the end of every single workout.

Burning more calories by this is definitely a plus but there’s a bigger benefit. A 15-minute hiit session (High-intensity interval training) is a lot more manageable to execute compared to an hour long treadmill walking. This is just for most people who are busy with their schedule. Two hours long workout and treadmill session will ruin it..

So try to do Hitt at the end of each and every workout routine. Like I have on my YouTube channel they could be plyometric routines or intervals of sprinting on a treadmill. Those 10 to 15 minutes of Hiit after your workout, you are melting a chunk of fat.

Supersets and Circuits

The fourth and final thing is to utilize supersets and circuits in your workouts. If you are a beginner, I recommend supersets. Superset is two exercises in a row without any rest in between them.

Most people do one exercise, get distracted for 2 to 3 minutes and then get into the next exercise. By reducing the rest period, you’re able to get more exercise done and burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

But if you’re more of an advanced guy wanting to push your fat burning you should be doing circuits of exercises. A circuit is three or more exercises completed in multiple rounds.

Once you start doing these circuits and start jumping from exercise to exercise. You get so much done in  a short period of time and you actually finish your workout with a lot of sweat melting. Though it’s not scientifically backed up, I do have noticed the more sweat and huffing and puffing, the more fat you burn.


So there you go. A very simplistic straight to the point content that can do in the gym which is going to help you to burn that belly fat.

Now I’m aware it’s not the supreme guide to Fat Loss. But if you are looking to dive deeper, I’ve got some good news. I have made a program that is exactly made for guys that are looking to Burn a lot of Body Fat plus building and Sculpting some lean Muscle Mass in a period of 14 weeks.

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It’s time for another blog post! Today we’re going to be talking about how you can get the all coveted v-line abs.

If you want those deep cuts when you take your shirt off so you can get ALL the ladies, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be going over three AMAZING abs and obliques exercises that are guaranteed to help get you those v-cut abs.

BarbarianBody's Tanner Wideman Abs & Obliques

Obliques Exercise 1: Cable Side Bends

The first exercise will be targeting the obliques with cable side bends.

What we’re doing here, is keeping our spine in a neutral position and tip your shoulders over to the side. Then, you will use your mind muscle connection to think about contracting the obliques as hard as you possibly can.

You don’t want to be thinking “let’s tip over to the side and just perform a repetition for the sake of it”. Instead, you want to contract and shorten that muscle as hard as possible and add in one second of an asymmetric hold.

This is to ensure that you are increasing your time under tension and help develop mind muscle connection on each repetition.

In the video above, I explain the right way and wrong ways of doing this exercise and how to visually grasp what I’m talking about with mind muscle connection.

Cable Side Bend Exercise That Will Help Get You V-Cut Abs

For this exercise, I recommend 3×10 repetitions.

Abs And Obliques Exercise 2: Reverse Crunch With Posterior Pelvic Tilt (PPT)

The next exercise that we’re going to be doing are some reverse crunches with posterior pelvic tilt.

Typically, people perform the reverse crunch simply by bringing the knee’s towards the chest and dropping their feet towards the floor.

The main problem with this movement is:

  1. No posterior pelvic tilt, meaning you’re not actually getting your butt off the ground – which is responsible for shortening the abdominals.

2. At the end of the movement those feet are dropping to the floor and you’re losing all the tension.

Reverse Crunch Ab and Obliques Exercise That Will Get Your Abs To Show

Now, the correct way to do this is lift your feet off of the ground, make sure your heels never touch the floor through the entire range of motion.

This is going to keep tension on the lower abdominals for every single repetition during the set.

As you can see in the video demonstration, I’m getting that posterior pelvic tilt. You can see how my butt is coming off the ground and we’re getting that spinal flexion.

This is what’s responsible for shortening those abdominals and maximizing the effectiveness of a reverse crunch.

For the best results, I suggest performing this exercise for three to four sets with 15-20 repetitions.

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Abs And Obliques Exercise 3: Russian Twist Raised

Timer For Russian Twists Abs and Obliques Exercise

The final exercise of the v-cut abs workout routine is the Russian Twist Raised. This exercise will be performed under a 30 second second timer for the best results.

The reason for this is because I feel that the best way to train your abdominal is by not counting your repetitions. It’s by pushing yourself to complete as many perfect repetitions as you can in a specific time period.

Tanner Wideman Showing How To Do Russian Twist Abs and Obliques Exercise

Most people perform this exercise with their feet on the ground, which is a great way to do it. This allows you to mostly hit the obliques and a little bit of the lower abdominals.

Although, there is a method that we can add to this exercise to incorporate MORE of the lower abdominals.

We can intertwine our legs and lift them off of the ground, which will put a lot of load on the lower abdominals but also continue to hit the obliques.

Another Example of Russian Twist Abs and Obliques Exercise

Russian Twist – Common Mistake

A mistake that happens when people are performing this exercise is that they are touching the floor as quickly as possible. They don’t have any focus on actually getting trunk rotation.

Therefore, trunk rotation is what’s going to be able to maximally recruit the obliques.

When you’re just touching from the right side of your hips with our hands on the ground, you’re not getting as much of that rotation. This means you’re not getting activation from the obliques.

For maximum effectiveness, focus on getting the trunk rotation, have those feet up in the air, and try to maintain the position they’re in.

Through the entire set, perform for 30 seconds and focus on clean repetitions where you’re not doing fast movements. Rather, focus on controlled and concise movements, focusing on contracting the obliques and the entire core each repetition.

That concludes today’s blog post about a few great exercises to help you get those v-cuts abs that you are longing for.

Now, if you are looking for a full step-by-step training program, be sure to check out my fitness programs that will put you into the shape you want to be in.