These are the 13 BEST Chest Exercises that you can do from home. Not currently doing these in your home chest workout? Start now! Exercises included will both be with absolutely no equipment, as well as some that are dumbbell only!

#1 Push-Up Holds

We’re going to be getting a variation of the classic and they are push-up holds. As opposed to the way that everyone does a push up, this is going to be a much stricter form of that by activating your chest more. 

  • When you’re coming down, focus on keeping those shoulder blades retracted.
  • When you come down about an inch away from the ground, do a pause hold. This will prevent a stretch reflex, increase time under tension and make the exercise much more effective.

#2 Plyometric Push-Ups

This one’s dedicated to the guys who are having a hard time doing regular push-ups or for those of you who actually really want to push yourselves with a variation of a push up that’s more so mixed with a high intensity interval training exercise (HIIT).

  • If you’re a beginner, 10-15 repetitions would be a good start.
  • If you need an advanced version, try sets of 30 seconds. 
  • Try to get those hands off the ground and get the chest to the floor. Keep the shoulder plates back when you’re pushing your body weight up so you can hit the chest and not so much your shoulders.

#3 Elevated Push-Ups

 These are excellent for you to hit that upper chest area.

  • Lift your feet off of the ground up to like six to twelve inches. Use a bench or cushions in your living room to get the needed height.
  • Try to focus on keeping those elbows nice and tight into the body so that you don’t get more forward internal rotation and cause damage to those shoulders when you’re coming down. 
  • Be sure to come down very nice and controlled.

#4 Wide Push-Ups

Up next we have the wide push-ups. 

  • While you’re performing this exercise do not try to get your arms way too far out.This will build unnecessary tensions in your muscle and especially cause much more shoulder pain.
  •  Keep it to a much more reachable distance. Just bring those hands two to three inches wider than your traditional push-up stands.
  • To make the exercise much more effective, try pushing and squeezing with those pecs. 

#5 Resistance Band Push-Ups

If you have a resistant band, try actually doing push -ups with them. Definitely not so conventional but it really is powerful. It would be more challenging especially as you get into that lock up position, which is traditionally very easy for this exercise because the band is getting pulled out.

  • I usually twist the band into a figure -8 on the back. This spreads an even amount of tension on the right arm and the left arm.
  •  If you can’t get the band completely underneath the palm of your hands, you can hook them on your thumbs. 
  • I definitely recommend you start out with a thinner band for this exercise just to start because it is a lot more challenging.

#6 Pike Push-Ups

This one is also another great variation of the classic push-up to hit that upper chest the same way with the elevated push-ups.

  •  To prevent the stretch reflex, lower your body easily by also giving a pause when your nose is about to touch the ground.
  • Most important things to be aware of is your control and of course your form. 

#7 Traditional Push-Ups

This comes with no surprise but the actual thing you need to focus on is the execution.

  • Perform this exercise with the proper form. Keep those arms nice and tight towards your torso.
  • Place your hands below the shoulders and you would have the right form.

#8 DB Floor Press

Now, if you’re fortunate enough to have dumbbells or if you are planning on ordering some, this and the next few exercises would be perfect for you. Getting back to the floor press, you will have limited range of motion here. So it’s important to properly perform the exercise so that you can maximize the benefits. 

  • As you’re lowering down your arms, be gentle with the motion and prevent the elbow from slamming on the ground. We don’t need injuries while you’re at home. 
  • Try to bring your hands and the dumbbells together when you are in that lockout position which gives you much more control.
  • Activate your chest by trying to squeeze your pectorals together as hard as you possibly can this will maximize the benefit of the exercise and get those pecs to work a little bit harder.

#9 DB Floor Fly

A classic that we can do will be the floor flies. This one is no exception to the others as the execution is very important. 

  •  As you’re coming down ease the motion with elongated elbows to prevent those from slamming on the ground.
  • When you bring those dumbbells up towards each other, focus on squeezing and contracting your chest on every repetition so you can get maximum benefit. 

#10 DB Squeeze Press

This is also another essential dumbbell exercise you definitely need to consider. As a side note, this is the last ‘on the floor’ exercise we will talking about today. 

  • Focus on pressing the dumbbells together as you’re lowering it down. 
  • Keep some tension on the chest, but mainly focus on trying to crush those dumbbells together. This will get a good squeeze and activation out of the chest.
  •  I do recommend doing this exercise before the other ones just simply because it’s so good at isolating the chest.

#11 DB Fly by Standing

So with those hands in a supinated position (simply means Palms facing up), you’re going to be bringing those dumbbells up and towards each other.

  • It’s important that you try and keep those dumbbells about an inch or two inches away from your torso.
  • So that when you’re bringing those dumbbells up, you’re actually activating the chest by shortening the muscle fibers thus maximizing the effect of the exercise.

#12 DB Inclined Bench Press

If you’re fortunate enough to not only have a pair of dumbbells, but also have a bench then you can always perform the dumbbell incline bench press. You can also always perform the traditional dumbbell bench press.

  • Be sure to control that form.
  • Squeeze your chest trying to shorten that Peck fiber muscle.

#13 DB Inclined Bench Flys

As I said before, if you have a bench you can also perform the dumbbell incline bench flies. But it’s definitely possible to perform this on a standard flat bench as well.

  • Be sure not to bring those arms or those elbows too far back as this will cause strain on the chest.
  • Be sure to come back nice and slow so you can take advantage of all those micro muscle tears by the eccentric contraction.

So that’s a wrap for the best exercises that can help you build really good chest muscles without leaving your home. If you are looking more of contents like these be sure to checkout the official Barbarian Body app (available in both Android and iOS).

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Creator and owner of BarbarianBody. BarbarianBody specializes in home workouts, gym workouts, building muscle, losing fat, and diet. We’re a growing online fitness community that has surpassed 800,000 subscribers!
Tanner Wideman

Tanner Wideman

Creator and owner of Barbarianbody.

BarbarianBody specializes in home workouts, gym workouts, building muscle, losing fat, and diet. We’re a growing online fitness community that has surpassed 800,000 subscribers!

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