About BarbarianBody

What Is BarbarianBody?

BarbarianBody is a men’s fitness brand created by Tanner Wideman. BarbarianBody specializes in gym workouts, home workouts, building muscle, losing fat, and diet. We are an up-and-coming fitness brand that has amassed over 40 million views on YouTube!

BarbarianBody posts original videos on YouTube such as: exercise archives, follow-along workouts, how-to’s, and educational fitness content. BarbarianBody also has amassed a community of over 12,905+ members who have enrolled in our courses and programs. The success of the users who are involved in the BarbarianBody community, and those enrolled in programs, has changed thousands of men’s lives.

About Tanner Wideman

Tanner Wideman is the sole creator of Barbarianbody. At only 26 years old, with a weight of 215lbs and standing at 5'11" in height. Outside of Barbarianbody Tanner enjoys playing Football, Tennis and of course the movie Jurassic Park.

BarbarianBody Instagram

The Instagram page for BarbarianBody is: @thebarbarianbody. This Instagram page posts content related to fitness such as: 60 second exercise videos, motivational posts, testimonials, and before and after photos.

BarbarianBody YouTube

The BarbarianBody YouTube page has over 788,000 subscribers at this time and over 77 million views on their exercise videos. These videos typically include: at home exercises, shoulder exercises, ab exercises, bicep exercises, and informational videos on other fitness tips and secrets.

BarbarianBody History

Where BarbarianBody Began

BarbarianBody started in an effort of Tanner Wideman to reach as many men as possible. Beginning as a local personal trainer, Tanner Wideman knew his time would be limited and figured online was going to be a tool he could use to reach more people. After initially launching as FitFast, he began working day and night to bring his idea to reality. After a year of being under this moniker, he transitioned into a name switch that was going to suit him and his ideal target better; a Barbarian. In an effort to grow an audience, Tanner began putting out his first few YouTube videos of follow-along videos. Growth was slow in the first year. However, after the success of his first viral video, he found an audience beginning to grow around his ideology, training and diet strategies, and brand.

Fast Forward...

Fast forward 365 days and the brand had grown from a few hundred guys, to an audience of nearly 50,000. With an audience of this size, followers of his audience would ask for more in-depth training tips, programs and online coaching. In an effort to serve his audience on a larger scale, Tanner began creating his first Gym Focused Programs; The Physique Sculpting Program and The Lean Mass Program. Upon releasing these programs, he quickly realized that males globally were beginning to see incredible results; he was finally helping guys more personally and on a much larger scale.

Where BarbarianBody Is Now...

Fast forward to today, and the success of the brand is evident. With over 77 million views on YouTube, 780,000+ subscribers, 22,000+ Instagram subscribers, over 12,905+ members enrolled into his BarbarianBody programs, partnerships with brands like EHPLabs, Gillette, X3-Bar and more. BarbarianBody has grown to become a globally recognized brand that has helped millions of men from around the world to carve six pack abs and build lean muscle fast!