10 Stupid Fitness Myths You Were Lied To About

by Tanner Wideman June 27, 2016

10 Stupid Fitness Myths You Were Lied To About

  1. Your cardio machine is accurately counting the calories you burn. To be honest, the machine does its best to come up with a decent ball park estimation. However, important information such as your gender, age, height and weight aren’t taken into account when the treadmill estimates the amount of calories you’ve burned. The difference of calories burned in an hour is significantly different for a 300 pound, 25 year old man compared to that of a 120 pound, 55 year old woman. (Unless you have a piece of cardio equipment that takes into account your variables- and you actually input it)
  2. You can go from fat to a shredded six pack using only core exercises. In order to get a six pack, you’re right, you do need abdominal muscles. However, that’s only part of the equation. You could have one of the most developed set of abdominal muscles in the world and still not see it if there’s an extra 40 pounds of body fat in the way. The main method to achieve a six pack is primarily from burning body fat to reveal the abdominal muscles. That, in conjunction with a solid core training regimen to build up the core.
  3. “I’ll get bulky from lifting weights.” Ah yes, the common worry from many of today’s women who want to get in-shape. Truth is, most guys that try and “bulk-up” from lifting weights aren’t even able to do so. And that’s without taking into account things like their naturally higher levels of testosterone, and 2-3x larger calorie consumption. There’s a TON of effort and dedication required to actually “bulk-up”. Unless you’re lifting weights with the intention to gain weight, you can rest-assured it won’t happen spontaneously.
  4. Using light weight for high repetitions is the only way to get a defined physique. In reality, it’s actually the outcome of having a low body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. This is the result of a daily calorie deficit and lifting heavy weight (“heavy weight” obviously being subjective to individual readers).
  5. “Fat Wraps” will help you lose weight. This one really irritates me, for the sole reason that the marketing campaign for these products promotes a lazy lifestyle. The strategy is to trick people into believing they can “burn fat” while sitting on their couch watching TV. If you were to ask any individual that has lost significant weight and/or has a six packs about their success, almost all of them would credit hard work and dedication. These people are exercising day in and day out, and sticking to a strict and nutritious diet, not sitting on their couch all day with saran wrap around their waist watching TV.
  6. A can of spinach will magically give you superhuman strength. Sorry Popeye…I don’t think that was actually spinach.
  7. You can lose fat in specific places. Serious question, what body works like this- and more importantly, where can I get one? No matter what type of exercises or routine you do, someone with 20% body fat is not going to have a six pack like someone with 5% body fat.
  8. Fat turns into muscle. Fat and muscle are entirely unique and are made up of two entirely different cell structures. One does not magically transform into the other.
  9. Squats are bad for your knees. With terrible form, yes this exercise could potentially be very bad for your knees. However, with correct form and a proper amount of weight, this exercise is only going to strengthen those areas and actually prevent injury.
  10. Girls that look good are at the gym to be stared at and hit-on while trying to exercise.Alright, before we start- yes, I’m sure some girls are actually there for the attention. But let’s be honest here, that population of girls is a very small fraction compared to the majority who are actually there to improve. Just because she’s put in a little bit of effort to look good in public doesn’t mean it’s for you or for me. Rather, it’s for her. Not all girls feel comfortable going into an “eye-rape” zone without the peace of mind knowing they look at least half decent. Nothing is worse than being stalked by a gang of eyeballs and constantly being interrupted in the middle of your workout.

    And there you have it, a compiled list of 10 of the most commonly believed fitness myths. What myths did you still believe before reading this?

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Tanner Wideman is a 22 year old fitness professional and personal trainer, as well as the creator of FitFast and the HIITFIT 8-Week Home Fitness Program: For The Modern Day Busy Individual.

Tanner Wideman
Tanner Wideman


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