How To Build 10lbs Of LEAN MUSCLE FAST [Step-By-Step]

Are you looking to add 10lbs of lean muscle mass FAST?

Meaning with EXTREMELY minimal fat gain.

Yes? Then you may be interested in this one…

How to Build 10lbs of LEAN MUSCLE FAST [Step-By-Step]

In this video you’ll see:

  1. The EXACT caloric surplus you should be in for maximal muscle gain and minimal fat gain
  2. The #1 training split for maximizing muscular growth
  3. The super-simple step-by-step formula that you can literally steal TODAY to add 10lbs of incredibly lean muscle mass

This video is a bit longer than I normally post. I focused on packing as MUCH detail as I possibly could. It’s jam-packed with 100% value.

This is the exact formula that I personally follow when I’m looking to pack on slabs of lean muscle mass in a HURRY! SO I imagine it’ll be of value to you 😉

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