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What’s going on, everyone? I got something special for you guys today. I’ll share my simple process for building up muscle mass and losing fat at the same time. If that grabbed your attention, then read on.

Now, I get many guys asking me about macro calculations and their calorie surplus and deficit. That’s all well and good, but before I address that, I’d like us to handle the foundation first so we can start crushing it. We’ll go through an error-hunting process to check on things we can do to optimize your routine. Let’s get right to it.

  1. Cut the Extra Calories

Now, you must take the time to honestly reflect on how your diet has been for the past two to three weeks. There are three main things I take into account at this phase:

a. Alcohol Consumption

b. Eating Snacks and Junk Food

c. Eating Out During the Weekends

Take out a pen or pencil, and start writing down what you observe on your diet. Doing this will make you more conscious of what’s been happening. Don’t be surprised at all if you end up with a long list. That’s precisely what we want. Start circling off the easy items you can remove. Do you see yourself drinking two to three beers two nights a week? You want to lose fat, so you take that out. Do you see three to four deliveries on your food delivery app for Saturday and Sunday? You cut that down to two or one. Then you keep going down and through that list. 

Once you’ve taken out at least 80% of the most tempting, unhealthiest food from your diet, you’ve already made it a lot easier for yourself to continue committing to this.

  1. Get Enough Protein

Next up, we need to increase our protein intake. We’ll focus on your lunch and dinner. An easy way to approach this would be to go into one of your local grocery stores and buy one to three cooked chickens in a week. You can mix it with some rice and get a cheap meal. The chicken will be a great source of clean protein.

 For your dinner, what you can do is buy your dinner ingredients on a Monday, for example. You can easily cook enough dinner to last you two nights. My dinner would typically be stir-fried veggies with lean protein sources like chicken breast or ground turkey. The goal here is to get one gram of protein per pound of body weight. 

If I notice for example that I need to lose my fat and build my muscle mass simultaneously, there’s a good chance I haven’t been hitting that protein intake target – I will now be more strict with it.

  1. Intensify Your Training

The next aspect you would need to reflect on is your current training routine. What have you been doing for the past three weeks? You may find you haven’t been really on top of your workouts. Now for me, this typically happens around seasonal times like Christmas. 

Start looking at your training days and get recommitted to your schedule. Allot three days for your workout. You can even add in a fourth workout day if you want faster results. You can space out these workout days with one rest day. 

Once you have that handled, look back at what you’ve been doing for the past three weeks. Is your training intensity up to par? Let’s remember – if you’re in the gym, keep focused on the workout, and avoid distractions. Have you been challenging yourself with your sets and strictly adhering to your rest schedule? 

Once you’ve handled the resistance portion of your training, look at your cardio. Have you been doing only two cardio sessions per week? Then bump it up to three or more. 

Once you’ve made adjustments to your workout plan, draw up your notes on a whiteboard or somewhere easily visible, and stick with it.

Once you follow this consistently, you’ll see that you’ve lost fat and built up muscle in several weeks. If you have these foundations mastered, you no longer need to worry yourself doing complicated macro tracking or continuously thinking about your calorie surplus and deficit. You would only need to keep track of your protein intake in general. It’s beautifully simple, and I’m sure we all like to keep things simple as much as possible.

Do you guys like this simple method?

Hit me up in the comment section and let me know what you think!

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Thank you so much for reading, guys, and I’ll see you next week.



Creator and owner of BarbarianBody. BarbarianBody specializes in home workouts, gym workouts, building muscle, losing fat, and diet. We’re a growing online fitness community that has surpassed 800,000 subscribers!
Tanner Wideman

Tanner Wideman

Creator and owner of Barbarianbody.

BarbarianBody specializes in home workouts, gym workouts, building muscle, losing fat, and diet. We’re a growing online fitness community that has surpassed 800,000 subscribers!

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