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To Burn Fat + Build Lean Muscle Mass FAST:


Whats Included In The Barbarian Physique Sculpting Program:

The Barbarian Program is a killer system designed for the guy that’s looking to seriously shed fat and build lean muscle mass, without having to slave in the gym for hours every day and follow a ridiculously strict diet. It’s for the guy who’s looking for an efficient and minimalist system, designed for burning fat and building muscle fast, while allowing the freedom to eat like a king every day.

All of this is achievable; no matter your age, fitness level, genetics, or current time requirements.

Whats Inside:

  • Develop the highly sought-after V-tapered physique. Build a wider upper body, while simultaneously shrinking your waistline.
  • Build muscle faster than ever. Utilize the best training techniques for skyrocketing your muscle growth and strength.
  • Eat like a king every day, while building lean muscle mass and minimizing body fat.
  • Increase max effort lifts such as your bench press, shoulder press, and deadlift drastically, and consistently.
  • Includes video walkthroughs of full workouts where I’ll personally demonstrate and teach you exactly how to execute my easy to follow system for building muscle FAST.
  • Includes full breakdowns of each workout. Listed exercise selection, set and rep outlines, as well as consistent variation every few weeks to shock the muscles for consistent muscular growth.
  • Unlock powerful motivation by utilizing the included psychological hacks. Never let a lack of motivation stop you ever again.
  • Speed up results and minimize the time required to be in the gym by utilizing my efficient exercise stacking system.
  • Sculpt a powerful and aesthetically pleasing physique by utilizing the simple to follow, step-by-step layout of the program.
  • Sculpt a six-pack with my personal step-by-step “core formula”.
  • Designed for quick and easy application. Simply follow the regimen, and see results.

Included Bonuses:

  1. Full Length Video Walk-Through. A Step-By-Step Breakdown of Full Workouts.

With this up-close and personal style of content, you’ll receive access to several in-depth videos, where you’ll get to see me perform entire workouts in this program that led to my current physique. Throughout these videos, I’ll also be taking the time to breakdown certain exercises, explaining the correct form, thinking process, and methodology for successfully executing the workouts. These videos will demonstrate exactly how to perform each workout to quickly build lean muscle mass, while also being incredibly efficient in the gym.

  1. 69 Page Program Manual. An In-depth Step-By-Step Outline of My Entire Workout/ Nutrition Process.

This in-depth manual will break into the intricacies of the program; breaking down entire phases to explain their purpose, and how to precisely follow them. You’ll also be gaining access to the exact workouts you’ll follow, the exercises, set and rep range, as well as the recommended amount of rest between each exercise to maximize the benefits, and minimize the time required to spend training. Here you’ll also be given a “behind the curtain” view into my exact method of eating the foods you love, while staying lean and building tons of lean muscle mass.

  1. Exclusive Access To My Personal Snapchat & Instagram DM. A Personal Trainer At Your Fingertips.

Are you unsure of a certain workout? Need recommendations for alternative exercises? Do you have other burning fitness and nutrition questions that you need answered? Take advantage of my personal Snapchat, and Instagram DM to finally get your questions answered by someone who’s successfully been doing this for over a decade long!

  1. New Bonus Video Content, Constantly Added. Gain Access to A Continuously Growing Archive of Exclusive Video.

I’m always adding new content when I discover, test and am able to succeed with new strategies, techniques and exercises. Also, when I receive really good questions from you guys who’ve purchased the program, I’ll tend to make in-depth explainer videos to get into detail with my answers. Often, the questions I’m asked by 1 of you are the questions a lot of you are wondering about too. By doing this, I’m able to cover all of the bases and make this program into one of the greatest fitness systems on the planet. My goal is always striving for perfection and over-delivery, this program is an exact reflection of that.

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You don't have to make a decision now. I'm giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to decide whether or not this program is as great as I'm telling you it is. I understand this is a huge commitment, and that's why I want to give you a FULL MONTH to decide whether or not you think my program is really for you. 

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