The Home SHREDDING Program

Burn Fat At Home WITHOUT Going To The Gym!

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140+ Minutes of Workouts, 5 Warm-Up/ Cool-Down Routines, and Follow-Along Stretching Routines...

Each workout will challenge your body in ways you've been yet to experience. Burn an INCREDIBLE amount of fat and sculpt a lean, defined physique....from the comfort of your own home. NOTHING could be simpler!

Fat Incinerator: Part 1

We'll begin this BEAST of a program by walking through an incredibly powerful HIIT, Cardio workout designed to scorch the fat right off of your body! Grab your towel, this one is going to be a sweat festival!

Fat Incinerator: Part 2

Here we'll re-join for another killer fat burning workout built around plyometrics and HIIT. This workout will demand more out of your fat stores as we begin getting into higher rep ranges. Beware stubborn belly fat...this workout is coming for you.

Fat Incinerator: Part 3

Welcome to the most intense fat melting workout you've been yet to experience. Here we'll be combining the world's MOST effective Cardio, HIIT and Plyometric exercises that have been designed to eradicate fat. This workout is tough...but it's the kind of tough that'll have you shrinking down 3-4 waist sizes.

Upper Body Sculpter:

Looking to sculpt lean muscle mass in those pecs, shoulders and arms? Look no further. This high intensity upper body workout will have your muscles burning the same they would with a FULL gym workout! Don't forget to grab yourself a high protein meal afterwards....your body is going to be BEGGING for muscle building fuel by the end.

Lower Body Sculpter:

When it comes to carving a set of lean, powerful legs; there's no home workout that you'll want to turn to before this one. It may be tough (and have you sitting down funny for the next couple of days), but the proof is in the pudding...this routine WORKS!

+ FREE Bonus

BONUS: The 64 Fat Melting Recipe Book

This digital recipe book is JAM PACKED with 64 low calorie, high protein recipes. Designed to keep you full and feed your muscles while shedding the fat. Included are 27 quick-to-prepare Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes…as well as 37 simple snack recipes!
5 Minutes or less – Snack Recipes! 20 minutes or less – Meal Recipes! Stop eating bland, tasteless, boring meals that leave you hungry after 30 minutes. Eat food you LOVE, feel full afterwards and TRANSFORM your physique!

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This program was created for the individual who is looking to burn fat from the comfort of their own home, with no equipment! Whether that be for solely working out at home, or for use as your at-home cardio on-top of another BarbarianBody program, the Home Shredding Program has you covered!

This program is great for beginners, intermediates and advance individuals! With the ZERO equipment requirement (you only need your body weight), this program can be completed by anyone. Every workout will be demonstrated for you to follow-along to!

If you’re not satisfied with the program, then by all means take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee. This program is meant to improve you. If for any reason you don’t feel like it was able to help, then you can request a refund!


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Normally $59

ONLY $37


Lifetime access to the entire program
30 day money back guarantee